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Lunar Car

Alec, Charles, and Leo

Team MemberGradeStrengths
Leo7creativity, knowledge of cars, previous JSS racer.
Charlie7helpfulnessingableation and coolingnessingableitis.

Time and Design Progress

DateTime SpentActivities
December 2, 20221 hourWe designed our car.

December 16, 2022
1 hourWe made major changes to the design of the car, began constructing our car.
January 6, 20231 hourWe built the base of our car, wheels attached.
January 20, 20231 hourWe realigned our wheels and attached the side panels.
January 27, 20231 hourWe were on a trip.
February 3, 20231 hourwe realigned our wheels again and then fixed some not semytry. 

Final specifications (use metric!)

Dimensions of car: (height, width, length)

length: 300mm, width: 110mm, height: 100mm.

Weight:143 g.

Wheel size(s): 

50mm diameter back, 30mm diameter front.

Gear ratio (# of teeth on motor / # teeth on axle):


Other measurements:

Components list: list all parts used in your vehicle (include supplier and price if known)

cardstock, lego bulb windshield, balsa wood sticks, spray paint, rubber bands, (recycled) plastic sign material, gear medium, gear small, motor, wheels, big gears, axle big, axle small, small solar panel, hot glue. 

Design obstacles and changes made: 

we realigned the wheels multiple times.

we struggled to find the right ping pong ball holder and settled with a lego bulb piece.

This is the gear ratio.

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