M.I.S Solar car

We were inspired by Albert II the first Primate and mammal to go to space but was later killed by a malfunction in his parachute. In honor of Albert, we made this whole project. M.I.S stands for Monkeys in Space. Below are two pictures, the design for the car and a picture of Albert. The base of the car is made up of carboard to reduce the weight as much as possible.

Image result for Albert II Monkey in Space. Size: 125 x 100. Source: www.ukpets.com
This is a picture of Albert II, we are naming our team name and car M.I.S. and Monkey Space Rover in honor of him
This is a diagram of our solar car
Here is a photo of our team of Darian, Francisco, and Denyc working on the solar car

We used the materials that we were given as well as out side materials to improvise for less weight and broken or unusable parts. On our first attempt to run the car, the gear on the motor did not connect with the gear on the back wheels. Another problem is that the carboard base was too big and we had to it, we also needed add balloons for friction sense what the wheels had on them to cause friction broke . On our second attempt the car didn’t work on on the ground but it did when we held the parts closer together. After a few modifications such as reinforcing the car and holding the parts closer together with tape, on our 3rd attempt car car started running.

Here is a list of the materials used

  • Solar panel, 1 front wheel, 2 back wheels, carboard base, carboard triangle(to angle the solar panel), straw(for bushing/bearing), plastic guide(for fishing line), plastic cup(to contain the golf ball/passenger), balloons(to cause friction on wheels), and a battery pack(incase there is no sun out).

Above are pictures of the the solar car as well as a video of it running.

4 thoughts on “M.I.S Solar car

  • Great perseverance in getting your project to work! Sometimes we learn more during the problem solving process and gain more perspective. Way to keep trying! Nice job!

  • Amazing job adapting and improving throughout the challenges you guys encounter with this project. Congratulations!!!

  • Your hard work and perseverance brought you to this competition! Congratulations!!! Great job team!!!


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