From left to right, we are Brynn R, Thomas D, and Orion S. We are in 5th grade and go to Viera Elementary. This is our first time competing in the solar energy cook-off

We came up with the theme of a backyard cookout because of our love of sports, and that is how we came up with our team name, the marinaters!! (which is also inspired by Thomas’s love for the Seattle Mariners) For this project we will serve our kickoff kabobs, starting lineup salad, and our slam-dunk smores. Our procedure to make our oven

Brynn R: website, built/painted oven, goggle slides, took pictures, procedure. Thomas D: created name, painted oven. Orion S: built/painted/added aluminum foil to the oven, procedure. During this process, we had help and supervision from Ms. Rudnick and help from our parents buying and supplying the ingredients to make our recipes.

All of these recipes can serve three or more people.

Our oven design consist of a four sided funnel, a rectangular box at the bottom, and a flap at the to of the funnel. The bottom box is filed with aluminum foil and has a door in the front with plexiglass so you can see inside. We chose to make the funnel shape to obtain the maximum amount of sun light, and we made the flap made out of cardboard and aluminum foil so the sun would reflect in the funnel an the bottom box. We also have a piece of plastic rap that we taped to the top of the box/the space that the funnel and box meet for it to keep the heat in, but it is clear so it doesn’t prevent it from entering.

We drew this design before we scrapped the idea of the metal grid.


  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paint (black & teal)
  • Balloon sticks
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Hot glue

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