A.S.B. (Animal Shelter Builders)

List of Students

Katelyn Grade 8
Tyler Grade 8
Ben Grade 8




7 thoughts on “A.S.B. (Animal Shelter Builders)

  • This is a very well done project this group showed effort into making it and overall it is very good.

  • So many COVID masks around. Great to see you recycle them to help with climate change and reduce waste. Very comfy for a sugar glider. Great music. Go Jags….

  • I love the creativity level in this! I like the little mask swing and that you recycled most of the things you used!

  • It was good to see that you also promoted your engineering skills on your brochure. I liked your use of recycled materials, particularly those COVID items (how clever!), and the interesting levels that create more interactive spaces for the sugar glider.

  • I like the fact that you used recycled materials and gave your animal lots of activities in the habitat. Would have liked more explanation on the energy efficiency of the habitat. In your marketing materials, be careful with your subject/verb agreement, just some constructive criticism, for example: “our group of engineers build” should be builds (the group builds). Just pointing this out because the marketing is an important component of the project, and this is a very common error.
    Great job, and good luck!

  • I love your use of recycled materials, especially the Covid related things.


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