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Money Makers

Team Info

Team name: The Money Makers

Parkland STEM Club

Brianna R. (grade 6), and Siena S. (grade 5), and Royce R. (grade 4)

Design Documentation

Project Log

DateTasks worked onTime on Task / Team MembersObstacles encountered / Modifications to design
2/26/22drew the car and collected materials1.5 hours to draw and collect materials : all team membersputting our ideas together/no modifications
3/5/22collected the rest of the materials and started building1.5 hours to collect and build:all team membersWe built more things and the obstacles were building
3/12/22we soldered some things together and connected some wires1.5 hours to solder and connect wires:all team memberssome obstacles we encountered was opening spray cans, and we connected the wheels and connected wires
3/19/22we decided things and put some things together1.5 hours to decide things:all team membersobstacles were deciding things and we didn’t really add much to our car
4/2/22got car fully assembled1.5 hours : all team memberswire management, obstacles : getting glue on car
4/9/22time trials and put on guide wire1.5 hours : all team membersput on guide wire, obstacles : first time trial was slow
4/15/22time trials and fixing things2 hours : all team memberswe fixed the direction the car was turning since the car was turning left at first, obstacles : Brianna stubbing her toe
4/23/22Finished Web page, technical designs, car specs1.5 hours : all teams membersFinished web page, obstacles : doing the web page
Original Design Concept
Technical Drawing
Electrical Schematic

Finished Car Specifications

car size, width : 13.5 cm, length : 32.5 cm, height : 14.7 cm
weight, 254 grams
wheel size, 4.5 cm
gear ratio, motor : axel = 20 : 40 teeth = 1 : 2 teeth

ItemCost per itemnumber of itemstotal cost
Balsa wood 10 cm x 27 cm2.31 per sheet3$6.93
Velcro/hook & loop0.10 per inch4$0.40
Alligator clip0.142$0.28
Push button switch1.031$1.03
Pitsco thick wheels0.154$0.60
Rubber Bands 4 pack2.501$2.50
Battery holder1.351$1.35
Solar made Motor2.501$2.50
Motor Mount & Screws2.50 per pack1$2.50
Wire 20 awg0.18 per foot2$0.18
Binder combs 0.5 inch0.07 per foot1⁄4 $0.02
Gold Spray Paint5.98 per can1$5.98
Pitsco Axels 2 pack2.50 per pack1$2.50
Nylon Spacers from Pitsco 4 pack5.45 per pack1$5.45
Cardboard CylinderRecycled1none
Solar made Panel20.991$20.99

Time Trials / Test Runs
comments on performance, and
ideas to help improve performance (if any).

April 9th Saturday 7:30 P.M. (Battery Powered)

First attempt : 11.98 seconds for 50 feet – Speed = 4.17 feet per second

Second attempt : 12.56 seconds for 50 feet – Speed = 3.98 feet per second

Third attempt : 9.49 seconds for 50 feet – Speed = 5.27 feet per second

April 15th Friday 11:30 A.M. (Solar Powered)

Conditions : Partly cloudy

First attempt : 11.57 seconds for 50 feet – Speed = 4.32 feet per second
The sun was up almost all of the time so the car only took about a second to pick up speed.

Second attempt : 18.79 seconds for 50 feet – Speed = 2.66 feet per second
Sun went behind clouds, and the car started off very slowly but eventually picked up more speed at the end.

Third attempt : 12.18 seconds for 50 feet – Speed = 4.11 feet per second
At first the sun went behind the clouds but then after around 10 feet the sun came out and the car picked up speed really quickly.

April 15th Friday 12:15 P.M./Noon (Solar Powered)

Conditions : Partly cloudy, more clear than before though. Used cardboard to cover solar panel before releasing

First attempt (afternoon runs) : 16.15 seconds for 50 feet – Speed = 3.10 feet per second
The sun was up all the time except for a bit of shade at the end, but because of the cardboard the solar panel wasn’t really ‘charged’ so it didn’t start immediately.

Second attempt (afternoon runs) : 17.85 seconds for 50 feet – Speed = 2.80 feet per second
The sun was up all the time other than a bit of shade at the end, but since there was cardboard on the top of the panel it wasn’t ‘charged’ so it didn’t start immediately.

Third attempt (afternoon runs) : 18.90 seconds for 50 feet – Speed = 2.65 feet per second
The sun was up all the time other than a bit of shade at the end, but because there was cardboard on the panel it didn’t start immediately since it wasn’t ‘charging’.

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  • Your project log and diagrams are very complete and easy to understand. What a great theme!


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