Native Plant Collage Series

By: Timber Lakes Elementary Green Club Members and artists

5th graders: Claire P., Anay M., Careliz B., Jakob K., Alyssa C., Emma S., Evan J., Kyler J., Leo M.

4th graders: Max L., Madison B., Aerilyn C.

3rd grader: Mia T.

Featured Artworks: Native Plant Series

Technique: Collage

Medium: Repurposed scrap paper from poster board and painted scraps, adhesive, oil pastel

Green Club Artists at work:

5 thoughts on “Native Plant Collage Series

  • These are just beautiful! Well done!

  • This is great! These students are learning so much through the Green Club. Way to go Wolf Pups!!

  • These are amazing. I love that they used items from around the school and community to create their art.

  • Wow, I want one of these for my classroom or home!! They turned out so cool! I love that you focused on native plants. Your creativity created such unique artwork! Blown away wolf pups!!!


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