Nsu Speed Jets

Team Information

Our car….THE RED EYE!!! Coming to cocoa!

Car Name: Red Eye
Team Name: Nsu Speed Jets
School Name: NSU University School
Team Members Names:
Nate M, Robert E

Design Documentation

Top View without Solar Panel

Side View #1

Side View #2

Back View

Front View

Special Feature of our car… THE SPOILER!!!

Project Log

Tasks / Work DoneObstacles EncounteredModifications to Car
We made some design ideas.NonePlanned it out
We started to gather materialsNoneNone
We cut the chassis outNoneBase Completed
We added the motor onMe and my partner argued over solar panel and motor.Motor is on
We added the battery pack.NoneBattery Pack is on
We added the switch.Had to wire everything up.Everything Wired up
We tested the carTurningNone
We fixed the car turningNoneFixed it turning
We attached the Guide WireHad trouble getting it to stay onAdded Guide Wire
We tested the carNoneNone
We accidentally ran the car off the edge of a tableThe car completely broke downWe fixed the car
We finished off fixing the carStill had to fix itWe finished fixing the car
We tested the CarThe car turnedWe fixed it turning
I inspected the carMy partner dropped outNone
I added skid plates to the carNoneAdded skid plates
I added the front bumperHad to make it fit the carAdded the front bumper
I cut the spoiler outHad to make multiple prototypesCut the spoiler
I assembled and attached the spoilerNoneAdded the spoiler
I tested the carNoneNone
I tested the carIt was turningWe fixed it turning
We worked on the web pageNoneNone
We worked on the web pageNoneNone

Design Drawings

Design Drawing: Top View

Design Drawing: Side View

Final Car Specifications

Car Size with PanelLength: cm 27Width: cm 7.2Height: cm 7.3
Weight with Panel g 354.5
Wheel SizeFront wheels: cm 3.2Back Wheels: cm 3.8
Gear Rationmotor gear: axel gear
12 : 44
= 3:11

Materials Used

ItemApprox. Cost
Pitsco Ray Catcher Solar Panel (3V)38.25
small black gears, wheels and axels3.99
Pitsco Motor (3V)5.25
balsa wood3.99
Popsicle sticks3.99
Rubber bands2.99
alligator clips (2)0.14
Reflective film5.99
Piece of black binder comb to hold guide wire0.07
Straw pieces for spacers0.25
hot glue
Recycled materials:
plastic cup
Plastic bottle

Test Results / Trial Runs

Test Runs 1 – date: 3/9/24

Weather conditions:
Ran on panel or battery? Battery and Panel

Observations of results: We noticed the car had the guide not lined up

Any recommendations for improvements: the car was slow and we think that it was the eyelet.

AttemptTime, S (seconds)Distance, M (meters)Speed, M/S
1 Battery10.28201.95
2 Panel23200.87

Test Runs 2 – date: 3/12/24

Weather conditions: Cloudy
Ran on panel or battery? Battery

Observations of results: Straight

Any recommendations for improvements: the car went fast and we think it it was the batteries

AttemptTime, S (seconds)Distance, M (meters)Speed, M/S

Test Runs 3 – date: 3/16/24

Weather conditions: Sunny
Ran on panel or battery? Panel

Observations of results: Straighter

Any recommendations for improvements: the car went fast and we think it was straighter and good

AttemptTime, S (seconds)Distance, M (meters)Speed, M/S

Video of Our Car Running

Car Features Video

Additional Information

Drawing of Our Original Car Idea

Electrical Schematic: This is our schematic of the electrical circuits. It is the same DC motor in both drawings.

Other pictures

The Team logo: The Speed Jets

One thought on “Nsu Speed Jets

  • The reflectors are a very unique addition to your car, love the out of the box thinking.


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