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Ocean Odyssey

Team name: Ocean Odyssey

School name: Buck Lake Elementary

Names: Lily A., Alex C.

Grade level: 5th grade

Explanation video.
Bottom of Car.

Back of car with solar panel
Left side of car with solar panel
Place of battery pack without solar panel
Back of car without solar panel.
Right side of car.

Journal pictures

Alex’s current drawing
Alex’s original drawing
Lily’s original drawing
Lily’s drawing with panel on side
Lily’s drawing of battery pack with out solar panel
Lily’s drawing with panel on top.
Lily’s vehicle measurements

Time tests


  1. 10.49
  2. 7.39
  3. 6.98
  4. 6.65
  5. 7.23
  6. 7.45
  7. 8.95
  8. 7.42
  9. 7.06
  10. 6.78
  11. 8.14
  12. 7.38


  1. 7.37
  2. 8.10
  3. 8.31
  4. 9.85
Car test.
Our car moving.


Length: 31 centimeters

Width: 17 centimeters

Height: 13 ½ centimeters

Most proud of

Journal entries

Lily – We are most proud of the cars speed and innovation with its colors and how the decorations hold back the wires. 

Alex – We are most proud that it is faster than a meter a second.  The decorations serve an innovative purpose, to hold back the wires.

Greatest problem and solutions

Lily – Our greatest problem was that the rubber band would not stay on the wheel. We tried five different rubber bands but none of them worked. Then we found one that worked for a few seconds. Lastly, we figured out that the motor was crooked, so we hot glued it so it would stay.  

Alex – Our greatest challenge was that our solar panel at the beginning was not attached well.  Mrs. Perez helped us push the Velcro on tighter.  We also tried pressing but it was hard to keep the panel safe and press on it at the same time.

One thought on “Ocean Odyssey

  • Your log book is exceptional! I really like how the cups are used in the design and the ocean theme. The fact the decorations hold the wires back is very innovative!


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