Ozzy’s Bedtime

division E (3-5)

Westside Elementary

Our Team:

Braylen P.

Troy S.

Rylee L.

Nelson C.

Trenton W.

4 thoughts on “Ozzy’s Bedtime

  • Creative and fun energy transfers! Well done, team!

  • Ozzy sliding down the slide was my favorite part and I couldn’t help but yell in excitement when the light switch turned off.

    What a thrill ride!

    Good job future engineers!

  • Great explanations of the different types of energy transfers. Looks like it was fun and you learned some stuff.

  • Good job getting your machine to work, it looks like everyone had fun and learned a lot about energy. Using the tape roll and a pulley to turn off a light switch was very creative. I especially liked the long lever to push the tires.


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