Panther Engineering 1

James S. (Grade 6) and Temai G. (Grade 6)

Pine Crest School, Boca Raton

Here is our first day. We designed a hollow shape with slots for wheels and an aerodynamic outside. 

So we were designing and we decided on an idea to lighten it more. This went wrong but luckily we recovered.

We finished our chassis, despite the mess up. All our effort came out beautifully. We improved the weight and solar panel area.

The axle holes were too small and the motor doesn’t fit  nor do the screws we will need a new design

Our car that was supposed to be a car, turned out as an italian mess. We will reprint this car without the bottom tubes, and with minor improvements to the car.

The new model is improved with equally elevated axle holes, and smaller axles. We think this new chassis will print fine, and hopefully we can test out our car soon.

The axles are set up wrong so the car moves fast but it can’t take off.

The axles were set up with not enough torque so it won’t even start moving, and there are too many axles holes already so we need to just plain reprint.

We finished the additions and now just need to add the wheels.

We revised our print and made the walls and floor thicker and believe this will be our final print

The new design is smaller, and has new gears.

We still need to glue our solar panel onto the car and to get another axle.

The car is complete everything is in order and we are ready to race.

Videos: Runs were made at about 3:00pm in full sunlight on a 20m track.

2 thoughts on “Panther Engineering 1

  • I like that you used 3-D printing to create the body of your car. It shows great determination that you kept trying after your first couple of designs weren’t working out. I like the car wheels and wonder what they are made of. Great run in the sun, so congratulations and good luck!

    • The wheels are made out of mirrored acrylic, and thank you for your kindness! – James


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