Panther Engineering 4

Jacob Y (G6) and Arjun R (G6)

Pine Crest School

The most difficult part right now is cutting down on the size, without messing up the motor. I don’t like the idea of a glorified birdhouse on wheels. The driver is big and the drive is small. This should help it’s speed. This is what we’ve done so far. We’re adding a top to it now. 

Jacob and I are making the gears and the base of the solar car and are plan is to have a big gear and then a small gear connected to the back axle. 

The solar car before had no roof to hold the solar panel and when we added it had no room for the wires so we had to make a hole in the roof and more beams of support.



We improved the walls of the car, made the holes for the screws that hold the motor, and made the roof wider.  

When I came into class I was told it was too heavy, so I got to work. I grabbed a hollow square and cut holes onto the heavy parts of the print. Now we will see if it worked.

Next, we have to fix up our car, test it, and improve once more. We need to add more places for the screws too.

We have changed the size and position of the motor, We have also put in the screws. It is turning out great! 

I made a third one. It’s much stronger and simpler.

It turns out that the gears were too close and didn’t mesh. To avoid this, I will make a large area that can be fit to a specific need/set of items.

One thought on “Panther Engineering 4

  • Great problem solving and use of technology. Would have liked to see how the car performed. Good luck and great job!


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