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We are DYLAN(2nd grade) and DANTE(1st grade) from Osceola Science Charter School.

We are two brothers that like science ,cars and Pokemon.

We choose to make a Pikachu car because his power is made of electricity.

Materials that we used

  • 1 stick to the tail
  • 2 tooth pick to the ear
  • markers
  • siccors
  • hot glue
  • yellow paint
  • 4 wheels
  • 4 alligator clips
  • solar panel
  • 2 gears
  • 1 balsa wood
  • 4 ruber bands
  • 1 straw
  • 2 axles
  • battery holder two-cell AA just in case if it’s cloudy and no sun
  • paper
  • motor


Our first idea was to use the solar panel box , but we figured out that it is heavy and not hard enough. Was 341g.

We started drawing a model of our car.

We choose a RITZ BOX and we ate all of the ritz.
And then hands on the chassis! We attached the wheels and the motor with hot glue. We used a old toy wheels in the front.
Inside the box we have a battery holder (two-cell, AA) in case it is cloudy and also we have a straw to change the solar panel position in case the sun is the opposite direction.
Front View
And this is the final result. Our car weight is now 332g. So we saved 341-332= 9g.


Width- 10cm

Height- 11cm

We put the solar panel on the top an fixed with 2 rubber bands.

Make this project was so much fun because we could play with a car made by us outside and inside the house using the battery.

We really learned a lot how the sun can make energy and our favorite part was understand about how the gear works and how it can move the car.


13 thoughts on “Pikachu

  • Este foi o seu primeiro ano com corridas solares. Vocês dois fizeram um trabalho INCRÍVEL! Adorei os trajes combinando e todo o tema (e obviamente todos adoraram também!)

    Eu sei que o primeiro ano de corrida te dá muitas ideias de como melhorar para o próximo ano. Aqui estão as sugestões do Google Gemini:

    Aerodinâmica: Explore maneiras de tornar o carro mais aerodinâmico. Um design mais elegante ou defletores de vento estrategicamente posicionados podem ajudá-lo a deslizar com mais facilidade.

    Opções de engrenamento: Pesquise diferentes relações de engrenagem. Uma relação mais alta pode lhe dar mais velocidade, enquanto uma relação mais baixa pode fornecer potência extra de escalada.

    Materiais mais leves: Investigue materiais ainda mais leves para a carroceria do carro, como madeira de balsa ou placa de espuma.

    Rastreamento de dados: Considere adicionar um sensor simples para rastrear a velocidade ou distância do carro durante a corrida. Isso pode ajudá-lo a analisar seu desempenho e fazer ajustes para futuras corridas.

  • This was your first year with solar racing. You both did an AMAZING job! I loved the matching outfits and the whole theme (and obviously everyone else loved it too!) I know that the first year of racing gives you lots of ideas on how to improve for next year. Here are the suggestions from Google Gemini:
    Aerodynamics: Explore ways to make the car more aerodynamic. A sleeker design or strategically placed wind deflectors could help it glide more easily.
    Gearing Options: Research different gear ratios. A higher ratio might give you more speed, while a lower ratio could provide extra climbing power.
    Lighter Materials: Investigate even lighter weight materials for the car’s body, like balsa wood or foam board.
    Data Tracking: Consider adding a simple sensor to track the car’s speed or distance during the race. This can help you analyze its performance and make adjustments for future races.

  • Good job! You guys did well, Pikachu’s car looks cool! 😎🤗😜

  • This project was very creative, and the idea of ​​combining the electric car with the Pokémon was brilliant! beautiful!

  • This project was very creative, and the idea of ​​combining the electric car with the Pokémon was brilliant! beautiful!

  • Great job Dylan and Dante. You really showed your passion for science with this project. Keep it up.

  • Parabéns Dylan e Dante!!!!
    O Pikachu arrasou.

  • I love Pikachu car. I like it’s face and tail, and I like all the explanation you guys did.

  • Hey guys, my kids and I really loved your idea. Your Pikachu car looks amazing and super fun. You both did an excellent job. We are so proud of you!

  • I m so proud of this brothers ! They worked so hard and did a great time !

  • Wow!! Such a cool project! You both are so smart and creative! I LOVE the Pikachu idea! Way to go!! 🤩🤩🤩


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