Positive Energy

Our Solar car is Called Positive Energy. We have been working a a team all year in Girls in Stem and competed in Destination Mars with this car. The name fits for our Groovy team!

Fixing the connector on the bottom was one of our first tasks. We had connected the wrong eyelet at Destination Mars and wanted to make sure we had a strong connection that was centered the correct way.

Adding the electric tape was tricky because it was so small. The hardest part was figuring out the wiring and making sure it would all stay connected. This took patience and lots of help! We added switches to the car so we could flip a switch and not rely on the clips to the batteries or solar panel.

Coquina Elementary 6th grade team!

Leilani, Amaya, and Neveah ready to compete! Riley, and Arianna are not pictured here but worked hard to make our car work as well. All girl 6th grade team!

Digital Logbook

Date:       3/19/24Task:  Design changeTime on Task:     1 hr.
Attendance:   Riley, Amaya
We went over the rules and requirements for the solar competition and talked about the design changes for the solar car. We drew a design change and made a list of parts.
Date:       3/20Task:  Design Time on Task:   1 hr.
Attendance:   Riley, Amaya, Neveah
The car was taken apart and the door was cut for the payload container. The lid was glued to the base of the car in the old Mars dirt collection box. The axles were realigned and glued into place with new axle holders.
Date:       4/01Task: Continue RebuildTime on Task:   1 hr.
Attendance:   Leilani, Amaya, Riley, Neveah, Arianna
The wires were taken off and reconnected with power switches to control the solar panel or the batteries. We cut the sides to add to the car and added the stickers. We also watched a video on gear ratio and building solar cars.
Date:       4/02Task: Start the website and finish the carTime on Task:  1 hr.
Attendance:  Leilani, Amaya, Riley, Neveah, Arianna
We attached the electric tape and finished gluing all the pieces in place. We worked on the information for the website, including the gear ratio understanding, and took all of the measurements.
Date:      4/03Task: car drawingTime on Task:  1 hr
Attendance:  Leilani, Amaya, Riley, Neveah, Arianna
We had a Girls in Stem meeting that cut into our time for our solar car build, but we were able to check our specifications and change our alignment one more time. We also wrote our video speeches.
Date:       4/04Task:  test the car and finish the websiteTime on Task:   2 hrs.
Attendance:  Amaya, Neveah, Leilani
We recorded our videos, took pictures, and made sure we had all our information correct. We tested our car outside in the sun with battery and without. We needed one gear adjustment and were done.

Test Runs

Vehicle Test InformationTest 1Test 2Test 3
Solar or BatterySolarBatterySolar
WeatherSunny some cloudsSunny some cloudsSunny
Date and Time of Day04/04/2024 3:10 pm04/04/2024 3:17 pm04/04/2024 3:25 pm
Distance Traveled20 ft20 ft20 ft
Time Elapsed18 seconds4.78 seconds6.78 seconds
Speed (distance divided by time)1.11 ft per sec4.18 ft per sec2.94 ft per sec
Comments and performanceFirst try. Was slow and seemed stuck on the pavement. There was a cloud overhead as well.The battery run was fast and straight.Much faster without clouds.
Ideas for improving the car’s performance (if any)Picked up the car and moved a gear over away from the base of the car. This made the wheels move faster.The car did not really go straight on the pavement so we checked the alignment again and it was correct.Need to retape one of the connections.

3 thoughts on “Positive Energy

  • beautiful work ladies!😁

  • Good job making improvements to your vehicle and adapting it for the Junior Solar Sprint competition. Clever reuse of the payload space!


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