Rise or Shine

Rise or Shine ETM Machine

By Aarit M and Anishka S

The Rise or Shine ETM machine was our solution to a problem we both had. We both have little siblings who ALWAYS get us late for school, so we decided to devise a solution. Our machine was so effective that it woke our siblings every time! Our machine includes several new concepts that we had not explored before in previous activities. These include zip lines, marble stoppers, and a circular motion machine. We got random objects we found around our houses and combined them to form our project. We only had to spend 5$ in expenses! Our design has 27 transfers that move across the room as the reaction gets closer to its goal of waking up somebody with a splash, hence the name. This final version was made up of the things we learned about but we also explored some topics that we didn’t use in this, one example of this would be a pulley system that we would have used to pull the blinds but after a few runs we decided against using it.

This shows the circular motion machine
It is more commonly known as a centrifuge which runs on centripetal force

This shows the first few parts
of the machine. On the top left you can see the starter of our machine which is a manual timer and a ball and ramp
This shows a blanket system that will pull the blanket when activated. This runs on a stopper system that uses gravity to pull the blanket down

What is A Rube Goldberg Machine

A Rube Goldberg machine is a complex, often humorous contraption designed to perform a simple task through a series of convoluted and intricate steps. The machine typically involves a series of chain reactions, where one action triggers another until the final action is achieved.

This is Our Video!


List of Transfers

  1. The alarm clock buzzes 
  2. A metal ball falls on an inclined plane 
  3. The metal ball hits carefully placed toys 
  4. The ball falls into a homemade funnel 
  5. The ball’s momentum allows it to hit a styrofoam track
  6. The ball rolls down and hits a marble
  7. Then the marble and ball descend down a hot wheels track
  8.  The marble hits a lever which causes a stopper to release a foam ball
  9. The foam balls roll down a train track and hit a lego which causes  another stopper to release a marble
  10. Marble 1 rolls down a styrofoam track and hits a stopper which removes marble 2
  11. Marble 2 rolls down a styrofoam track and hits a stopper which removes marble 3
  12. Marble 3 rolls down a styrofoam track and hits a stopper which removes marble 4
  13. Marble 4 rolls down a styrofoam track and hits a stopper which removes marble 5
  14. Marble 5 rolls down a styrofoam track and hits a stopper which removes marble 6
  15. Marble 6 is attached to a trigger that pulls a stopper allowing a marble to be released
  16. The marble rolls down a book and falls into an inclined plane which allows a pulley system  to release a small car
  17. The car rolls down an inclined plane and falls 
  18. When the car falls, it falls onto a stopper which releases a ball and allows a bead chain to fall
  19. The bead chain falls  pulling a clip which causes the blanket to fall off 
  20. While that happens, the ball hits a bottle which falls and pulls a string 
  21. The string causes a cup of water to fall down and sprays water onto the person 
  22. While that is happening the ball rolls and funnels down and it rolls into a fulcrum
  23. The fulcrum tilts and allows a rod to fall down
  24. The rod falls due to the weights at the end
  25.  The rod is connected to a string which causes a blind to open
  26. The blind cause a zipline to trigger and allows it to flow down with a toothbrush and toothpaste

Special Thanks To:

Our Parents- For Helping Us Build Things

Both Of Our Little Siblings- For Giving Us Inspiration

Our Science Teacher- For Teaching Us

3 thoughts on “Rise or Shine

  • This is an interesting (and fun) way to solve the problem of oversleeping students. Maybe teachers could use your ETM in class for those students that fall asleep.
    Very good that you also recognized the support and influence of others to your project.

  • Great level of complexity and number of transfers. Well done communicating the details of the machine.

  • Having over 20 transfers is impressive! If anyone has built an Energy Transfer Machine, you realize that the most transfers you have, the more points of failure there could be. This project is very creative and well thought out. Great job!


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