Sea Dwellers

Timber Lakes Elementary
Hara E. (Grade 5), Jenna L. (Grade 5), Elise H. (Grade 5), Paola K. (Grade 5)

For our project, we designed a rain barrel with art inspired by the Everglades. A rain barrel is a tool that is used to collect water and to filter out unnecessary objects, such as leaves, small rocks, and bugs. Rain barrels help decrease the amount of harmful chemicals (such as pesticides and fertilizers) going into runoff from water and lessening the waste of water. The water collected in rain barrels can be used for many different purposes, such as watering gardens and lawns.

Step 1: Assembled our amazing team
Step 2: Came up with an idea to create an Everglades inspired rain barrel.
Step 3: Started with the base coat, using a value change to show depth for our ocean within our painting (the top is a lighter color because of the sun).
Step 4: Drew the sketch in white chalk.
Step 5: Painted the rest of the rain barrel with a special brand of non-toxic, eco-friendly acrylic paint.
Step 6: Outlined some sea animals and plants with thick black markers.

Photograph of our rain barrel

Our project is called the Coast Crusade, and it is about the mangroves. The mangroves are tropical plants that are adapted to loose, wet, and salty waters. The mangroves are home to lots of animals and are important to their ecosystem’s biodiversity. Mangroves have been getting damaged because of things like dredging, overfishing, and the use of herbicides. There are also other causes such as climate change, habitat loss because of palm plantations, shrimp farming, and water pollution as mentioned in the videos below.

Our Photos

These photos include our logo, skillfully designed by Hara, brought to life by Jenna and colored by Paola, and some of the photo’s taken while working on the rain barrel. You can see in the last photo Paola, Jenna, and Elise painting in the white chalk guidelines surrounded by cups of paint.

Our Videos

We had so much fun creating these videos, windy days and all! We hope you had fun watching them as well!

Special thank you to our team coordinators, Ms. Gower and Ms. Hammond.

3 thoughts on “Sea Dwellers

  • I love how you guys presented the idea by using research and art skills. Awesome job!!

  • I love how you presented your idea by using research and art skills. Awesome job !!

  • Great job highlighting mangrove trees! They are so very important to our enviorment.


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