Team Members: Claire and Ellie, 5th grade

Our solar car is called ‘The Coral Reef.’

Our team name is Seahorse.

‘The Coral Reef’
Being patient is important.

Height 12cm

Width 19 1/2 cm

Length 35 cm

8 thoughts on “Seahorse

  • Well designed and a successful project. Great work!

  • Great job to both of you! This project looks great!

  • I never would have thought of putting the passenger inside the cup that holds up the solar panel. ingenious!

    • Also, the seahorse picture is very cute. 🙂

  • Great team and car name and excellent effort at carrying out the theme on the car design and colors. I also like the way you immediately figured out what was causing the car to stall during its run and be able to fix it. Congratulations and good luck!

  • I love your theme it is so original! I love it!

  • I love the theme of your car, keep up the great work!

  • It moves well, and I like your video caption ” Being patient is important.” Love the wave on your cup. Great job!


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