Sleigh Bells Ringing

Apopka Elementary School

The Team Members

Abigail- 5th grade

Korey- 5th grade

Kelsey- 5th grade

Ella- 5th grade

Design Documentation

Our Ski lift works with Mechanical Energy by turning a nail like a wheel causing movement of the cup with our marble in it.
The marble rolls with Mechanical Energy hitting each of our “jingle bells” converting the Mechanical Energy to Sound Energy.
The Marble then hits row of dominoes to convert mechanical energy to Mechanical Energy and Sound Energy. Because you can hear the dominoes as they fall and they are in motion.
The last domino will then slide using Mechanical Energy to hit a large Marble down the tunnel. This is Mechanical Energy to Mechanical Energy.
The large marble then falls using Mechanical Energy to hit the battery which turns to Chemical Energy to turn on the lights on the tree. This final transformation is Chemical Energy to Light Energy.

Electricity from the battery?

We used the electricity from the battery to power the Christmas Tree lights.

The Final Step

The final step to our machine is after our dominoes fall down it hits the marble. Pushing the marble into the tunnel, hitting the battery to power the lights.

Video Introduction:

Working Machine Video:

One thought on “Sleigh Bells Ringing

  • Great theme and use of sound energy. Seeing photos of the team building would have been even better.


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