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Solar Cruizers

Basic Information

We are the Solar Cruizers

School name: Zellwood Elementary School The team: Sebastian C. Greyson N. Jonah P.

Grade: 4th 3rd 5th

Design Documentation

This our beginning and starter design and we are working to improve even more.

In this picture, we are showing our design from the top perspective.

This picture shows the bottom of our solar car.

This photo shows the front section of our car.

This pic shows our team and, our team name.

This is our checklist of what we need and what we have.

Working on Solar Car – February 15, 2022
March 29. 2022
April 5, 2022
April 19, 2022 edited drawing
Solar Cruizers at Earth Day Expo – April 21, 2022

Vehicle Feature Video

Video Performance Video

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