Solar Energy Cook off – Group A

S.E.C.M.E Sharks

Osceola Science Charter School

Yzabelle K., Maram Y., Arian P., Noah M.

4th grade

To start it off, we have done a solar oven before. Therefore, we have some experience. We have made some mistakes, and we know how to prevent them. We are thrilled to participate in this challenge.

We had some help from our teachers (Ms.Cenita and Mr.Burstein) and our coach (Ms.Trujilio).

Items: duct tape, cardboard box, Ziploc bag, foil bubble wrap, aluminum foil, black construction paper, transparent tape, and glue

Food: Pizza Pi

6 servings

Pizza that includes bread, cheese, tomato sauce, (optional) pepperoni, (optional) bell peppers, and (optional) pineapple.

We put bread first then we put the tomato sauce then we put the cheese then if someone wanted pepperoni, bell peppers, and pineapple we would put it on their mini pizza.

One thought on “Solar Energy Cook off – Group A

  • I loved your whole set up at Energy Whiz! The theming was incredible considering it was your first year. I know that you learned a lot and have some ideas for next year. I think the umbrella chairs were a huge help! Google Gemini also has some recommendations for you:

    Here are some theme ideas:
    Global Green Grub: Design your solar cooker around a specific cuisine! Think Mexican solar enchiladas, Indian solar samosas, or Italian solar calzones.
    Solar Breakfast Buffet: Create a mini solar oven that can cook a variety of breakfast items like solar-scrambled eggs, mini solar quiches, or even solar-baked oatmeal.

    Solar Chef Style:

    Matching Aprons & Chef Hats: Design and wear matching aprons and chef hats decorated with solar themes like suns and rays.
    Solar-Powered Music: Use a small solar panel and a portable speaker to play upbeat music while your food cooks.

    Level Up Your Solar Cooker:

    *Double- Decker Design: Build a two-tiered solar cooker to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, like a main course on top and a side dish on the bottom.
    Angled Reflectors: Attach adjustable mirrors or reflective panels to your cooker to concentrate sunlight more effectively.
    Temperature Control: Explore ways to regulate the temperature inside the cooker. This could involve vents or a heat diffuser made from metal.

    The Whole Solar Meal:

    Solar Sides: Research recipes for solar-cooked side dishes like roasted vegetables or solar-baked bread.
    Solar Dessert: Find a recipe for a delicious solar-powered dessert, like fruit cobbler or solar-baked cookies.

    Presentation Power:

    Create a menu: Design a visually appealing menu showcasing your solar-powered feast.
    Educational Display: Set up a display with information about solar cooking and the benefits of renewable energy.
    Solar Cooking Demonstration: Offer a live demonstration of your solar cooker in action, explaining how it works and showcasing the cooked food.

    Track Your Progress: Record data on your solar cooker’s temperature and cooking times. This data can help you improve your design for future use.


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