Solar Oven Competition

Team Name: Belugas!!!

Name of School: Osceola Science Charter School

Grade 3-5

Luka 3rd grade, Jayden and Jose 5th grade

we chose our oven cooker because it as able to bounce the sunlight onto our chocolate,and it melted our chocolate.and because it was the only cardboard box we had,we used tinfoil to reflect the light onto our cardboard and put black paper around it so then the paper can absorb the also heated up the chocolate.we used the tin foil thing in the back so then if the light didn’t go into the oven we had that to reflect off into the oven. and put plastic into it so it can function better.and we put a plastic rim so than nothing can get into the oven.

The teacher helped me out with the project.

The items we used were tape,cardboard,tinfoil,black construction paper, and plastic wrap

The highest temperature we got was 90 degrees.

One thought on “Solar Oven Competition

  • I love that you did the solar oven this year! This group did a great job working as a team and building their oven. Well done!


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