We are the SolarNauts! Our team consists of two girls, Barbara and Georgia. We are part of the gifted group at Buck Lake Elementary School. Barbara likes gaming, sushi, and math. Georgia likes soccer, bread, and reading. The way we came together as partners is we are friends and we have been wanting to work together for a while. The way we got the name for our solar car is we first thought the name should be a name that goes with our theme so we picked out the name Lego ship but then we where thinking that it should have something to do with the sun so we picked the name Solar ship.

This is us!

The Red Shirt person is named Barbara, and the Teal Shirt person is named Georgia.

The engineering design process

In the engineering design process you first need to ask a question. Then you think big and consider the many possibilities. Next you plan and think about the steps ahead following the question. After that you follow your plan and create a model. Then you observe the model and then improve it. Lastly, you communicate and share your ideas with others.

The flow of energy

The flow of energy starts with the sun, The suns rays travel through the atmosphere and are absorbed through PV sells in the panel. This energy then creates electrical charges that flow after getting signals from an internal, electrical field in the cell. The three ways energy transfers is from radiation, conduction, and convection.


The back wheel is bigger than the front wheel so that it travels faster.

We have a bumper in the front with hot glue so that impacts are softer + it’s like the nose cone of a rocket ship.

This is the other side of the solar ship, as you can see there are Velcro on both sides so that if the sun is on a different side we can adjust the solar panel to get maximum performance. This shows innovation.

Here is a video of the SOLARSHIP blasting off:

Here are the sketches of our solar car

This is the SOLARSHIP dimensions:

Weight219.5 Grams / g
Height11 Centimeters / cm
Length34 Centimeters / cm
Width21 Centimeters / cm
Rear Wheel Diameter2 Inches / in
Front Wheel Diameter1.5 Inches / in
Rear Wheel Circumference 3.14 Inches / in (1 x pi / 3.14)
Front Wheel Circumference2.355 Inches / in ( 0.75 x pi / 3.14)
Gear Ratio20 teeth to 60 teeth ratio | large gear diameter: 1.75 Inches | small gear diameter: 1.5 mm
Solar Panel Dimensions
Width4.5 Inches
Length13 Inches

Solar time trials:

TrialDistance / Time = SpeedConditionsComments
wowhow cool it got compressed

Battery pack time trials:

TrialDistance / Time = SpeedConditionsComments
110m / 14.03 seconds = 0.71275837491m / secondCloudyFirst trial
210m / 10.23 seconds = 0.97751710654m / secondCloudyChanged the eyelet
310m / 10.05 seconds = 0.99502487562m / secondCloudyEyelet fell off then had to re glue before test (FASTEST)

Our reflections and bloopers

4/02/24: We accidentally recycled our solar when our gifted teacher was sick for 1 day.

Special thanks to…our gifted teacher Mrs. Perez for providing the materials we needed and

3 thoughts on “SolarNauts

  • Glad you got to work together! You did a great job.

  • I am so sorry your car got recycled. You did a great job on the website. I hope you learned a lot and had some fun.

  • It was great to see actual pages from your notebook log. I like those sketches! Nice use of recycled materials.


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