Space Chefs

Hailey, Ella, Maci and Hazel, we are all in 3rd grade at Ocean Breeze Elementary.

We used cardboard boxes, plexiglass, duct tape, black paper, foam, reflectors, reflector tape, cotton balls, and a suction cup.

A website we used to research about solar ovens was at we build a totally sealed oven to keep all the heat in. we got the oven to 150F.

Mrs. Mentillo cut our plexiglass and bagels. She put in our doorknob, we couldn’t get it to hook together.

Recipes, Pizza bagels= bagels , pizza sauce, cheese.

Nachos= tortilla chips, cheese.

Smores= hershey chocolate, gram crackers, marshmallows.

Mac+ cheese= cheese, macaroni. Smores 2= snickers chocolate, gram crackers, marshmallows.

Tea= sleepy time tea packets , mint tea packets , water.

5 thoughts on “Space Chefs

  • Ella you got second

  • Thank you everything heated up okay the thank you for your postive reply

  • I really like your graph. Did everything heat up okay? I actually wanted to take a bite of the chocolate!

    • thank you for your postive reply everything heated up okay


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