Space Junk

Space Junk by Noelia Rodriguez




poster board

paint brushes


paper towels

Summary: I chose to do this art piece because I read a comment in a kids Encyclopedia that mentioned Space Junk. I wanted to learn more about what Space Junk is and how it can affect rockets and satellites making more and more Space Junk. The more Space Junk surrounds the Earth the less direct sunlight the Earth receives. This will cause our plants to die and then animals that eat the plants will die which will lead starvation for all meat animals. Humans will also eat plants and animals which will become scarce due to lack of sunlight. The materials I used were paints, posterboards, paint brushes, water, crayons, and paper towels. I created a painting with crayons and paint of Earth, rockets, solar panels, and satellites. The rockets, satellites, and solar panels are surrounding the earth and blocking the direct view of the Earth as well as space for rockets to fly.


One thought on “Space Junk

  • I don’t think that people realize that space junk can have an effect on the Earth. You filled in the whole background and it looks very vast, just like space!


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