Speedster Aliens

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About the Car

Our main goal was to design and build a solar sprint car they could go super fast using as many green energy components as possible. For that reason, we named our car Speedster Aliens. Some of the obstacles we encountered were we had a little complication because a part of our wood chipped off. Also, our gears were touching and we needed to cut out a bigger space in our wood panel. Something special about our car is we used Tinkercad to make 3D printed wheels.

Our solar power test was faster than our battery test, especially when there was more sunlight. An idea to help improve of solar sprint car’s performance would include reconnecting the clip to the wire.

About the Team

  • Car: Speedster Aliens
  • School: Timber Lakes Elementary
  • Grade / Division: Grades- 4th/5th Green Division
  • Team Member: Aiden G. (4th Grade)
  • Team Member: Daniel H. (4th Grade)
  • Team Member: Dominic M. (4th Grade)
  • Team Member: Jack G. (5th Grade)
  • Coaches: Amy Tyler, Brandon Groves
Team: Speedster Aliens
Team: Speedster Aliens

Car Specifications

  • Car Size: Length 28.5 cm Width 143 mm Height 175 mm
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Wheel Size: 40.5 mm front wheel 60 mm back wheel
  • Gear Ratio: 1:6

  • List of Components:
  • Ray Catcher Kit $41.35
  • 2 Gears $3.20
  • 2 Axles $2.50
  • 4 Wheels $ 3.20
  • 2 Balsa Wood Sheets $ 5.50
  • 4 Rubber bands $1.00
  • 1 Ping pong ball (free)
  • 4 Nylon Spacers $1.40
  • Battery Holder $ 1.35
  • 1 Eyelet 50 cent
  • Total Value $60.00

Design Documentation

Car Photos

Lab Guide

The below images are the project logbook kept for the team. Each photo represents a page in the log book showing the design and experimentation done during the build of the car.

Speedster Aliens Team

Vehicle Features Video

Speedster Aliens – Vehicle Features – Timber Lakes Elementary

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  • Great job! Your 3D printed wheels are impressive.


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