Empowering Student Innovation for a Clean Energy Future


My design is based on renewable energy. Front of the shirt shows energy we get from wind, sunlight, solar. Back of the shirt shows energy from plants

5 thoughts on “Srilekha

  • This shirt has very cool, earthy vibes. The images on the front remind me of Avatar: The Last Airbender and I love the colors and message of renewable energy. Reuse, recycle, reduce, repurpose, and remind others to do the same.

  • This simple yet innovative design definitely captured my attention. The images you chose for the front and back of the shirt design would appeal to any age group to wear this shirt. Great job.

  • Srilekha, your design looks cool! I think a renewable energy company could really use this design for their company shirts. Keep up the good work!

  • I like how you have the nonrenewable on the front since it is what we are using now and you are ‘turning your back’ to those and the future is looking like clean energy!

  • Awesome work! I can see you have been paying attention in class!


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