Survival Islands

Jackson G. (1st) , Kadri W. (2nd) , Crillen B. (2nd) , Cape View Elementary

The name of our art project is Survival Islands. People are trying to catch fish, but are hurting other sea life we don’t eat. Please stop catching the turtles and dolphins and whales. Thank you.

We made this from some recycled plastic bottle caps, and used real sand for the islands. It is built on a piece of wood that we found from a box and painted. Our teacher showed us how to spray paint the volcano and how to use a glue gun. We did not burn ourselves very much. We got spray paint on our hands. We will wear gloves next time.

3 thoughts on “Survival Islands

  • Cool project and how you made the “lava” stay up is cool

  • That is so creative! I love the way it turned out!

  • Really nice artistic model….and it looks like you had fun building it!


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