The AAG Mobile Solar Car

School name: Carwise middle

Team members: Allyson D, Gabby D, Alex T

Team members grade-Allyson 7th grade, Gabby 6th grade, Alex 6th grade

Our Solar car from top veiw
inside of the car
bottom of the car
front/top of the car
The other side of the car.

Parts Used: Recycled

2 Axels

  • 2 Smalls wheels -supplied by the school
  • 2 Big Wheels-supplied by the school
  • 1 Solar panel with wires and alligator clips-supplied by the school
  • Green bucket cut in half-supplied by the school
  • Hot glue-supplied by the school
  • Balsa wood, cut and sanded 3.00 $
  • Sharpie on the balsa wood-supplied by the school
  • A cut solo cup-supplied by the school
  • Gatorade cap in solo cup-supplied by the school
  • ping pong ball-supplied by the school
  • motor gear-supplied by the school
  • Axel gear-supplied by the school
  • Straws to hold axles-supplied by the school

Gear ratio:


Journal entries:

Date:2/11/22 11:00

It was a stressful day we were already 1 day after the deadline, but we had the car ready. We took the car out to the spot with the most sun light and set everything up. We attached the car to the fishing line and we put folder over the solar panel so that it does not move right away. Then we connected the wires and took the folder off the solar panel. It was moving, Yes. But then there was a noise a clicking then a screeching. The car had stopped moving t the half way point . OH NO! We saw that the meter was not touching the gear. So we put more weight on the back of the car and tested multiple more times, every time it stopped connecting around the half way point. On the last try the motor popped off. This was the worst. We went back and glued the motor back on evenly this time. we ended up going out to take the video again, but sadly the car was not working the smallest gear was going to fast we tried moving multiple times and made that screeching noise again so we are just submitting this web page to receive feedback from judges but hopefully we can compete in the in person competition in April.

This try from today
Us trying to figure out the problem from this try.
other journal entries
other journal entries

Car Info:

Frount Wheel size:1.25 inch

Back wheel size:1.5 inch

Car lenth: 11 3/4 inch

Car width: 5 1/2 inch

Car hight: 5 inch

Car weight:1 pound 6 grams


first diagram of the car
second diagram

One thought on “The AAG Mobile Solar Car

  • Good job documenting your design and testing process. I think given a few more days you would have figured out your motor/gear problem. You showed great teamwork!


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