The Ball Sorter

Roboeagles Team 2

5th Grade

Stone Lakes Elementary School

Created By: Shaunak and Ethan

We used everyday items to create a machine that can sort balls based on their size.

Enjoy our Videos!!

Energy Transformation Machine, Team Ball Sorter
Student explanation of their Energy Transformation Machine, created by Team Ball Sorter.

Energy Transformation Machine In Action, Team Ball Sorter
This shows the Energy Transfer Machine working.  Created by Ball Sorter.

Thanks for watching!!

4 thoughts on “The Ball Sorter

  • Great work on your ETM. Really enjoyed watching it all the way to the end when all of the balls were released. Excellent attention to detail. Congratulations!

  • I love the ball sorter…I haven’t seen that in an Energy Transfer Machine before!

  • Well done! There are a good number of transfers and they are each interesting to watch. The idea of sorting parts is very interesting, how did you end up picking that as your final task?

  • This is great project. It is very creative and fun watching the video. The video presentation is excellent and impressive narration. You applied scientific principles and good design practices in the implementation. Your accomplishment with a small team of 2; indicates effective teamwork and cooperation. You demonstrated the practicality of your idea using available materials. Energy transfer principles was clearly demonstrated. Good luck in your scientific pursuit and keep up the good work.


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