The Bunny Helper

Roboeagles Team 1

Stone Lakes Elementary School

5th Grade

Created By: Ben, Kaisa, and Jillian

Cartoon Jelly Beans - ClipArt Best

The Easter Bunny has a tough job of having to fill all those Easter Baskets with yummy jellybeans every Easter. Our team decided to help the Bunny by creating a machine that could fill the baskets for him. Enjoy!!

Please watch our videos here

Energy Transformation Machine, Team Bunny Helper
Student explanation of their Energy Transformation Machine, created by Team Bunny Helper.

Energy Transformation Machine In Action, Team Bunny Helper
This shows the Energy Transfer Machine working.  Created by Team Bunny Helper.

Thank you!

Our machine

4 thoughts on “The Bunny Helper

  • Really enjoyed your theme and the design. Great run and hope you enjoyed those jelly beans at the end!

  • I really liked the use of a theme in your machine. It is obvious that you took the time to plan out each step and also think about how to make your machine look good too. Great job!

  • I’ve seen a lot of Energy Transfer Machines over the years, and what I find most interesting is how the students decide to take up the time of the run. I’ve never seen a line following robot used before, very innovative. The rest of the build is very solid as well. You all should be proud of what you created.

  • Great project! Excellent demonstration of scientific principles and engineering design. Your teamwork and cooperation is enviable. Your understanding of teamwork and cooperation is immeasurable; you provided every member of the team an opportunity to showcase your project in the video. The demonstration of practical application was fun to watch. Elegant, creative and practical project. Good luck in your future scientific career goals and keep up the great job!


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