The Bustling Energy Transfer City

Energy Transfer 1: The train’s battery uses chemical energy and converts it to electrical energy to move the motor to convert it to kinetic energy, which makes the train move and hits a cardboard piece.

Energy Transfer 2: The cardboard piece then hits a marble, transferring the kinetic energy to move the marble which then converts the marble’s potential energy to kinetic energy. That happens a few more times until the last marble hits the last cardboard piece.

Energy Transfer 3: When the marble hits the last carboard piece, the carboard then hits a line of dominos. Each domino transfers its kinetic energy to the next domino in front of it until the dominos hits the marble that’s on top of the blue ramp.

Energy Transfer 4: The marble that was on top the the blue ramp converts its potential energy to kinetic. Then, it rolls down a few other ramps until it falls into a funnel. The marble rolls around the funnel and down the funnel hole.

Energy Transfer 5: When the marble falls down the funnel hole, it starts to roll down a zig-zag ramp and rolls down into a series of metal tubes. Then, it falls down into one end of the seesaw.

Energy Transfer 6: When the marble fall into one side of the seesaw, it transfers its kinetic energy to the other side, moving it up which causes it to hit a small cardboard that a domino is sitting on. The domino on the cardboard falls down, hitting another domino in front of it and hits a series of dominos, which then transfers its kinetic energy to push a pickup truck down a ramp.

Energy Transfer 7: The pickup truck is connected to the green garbage truck like a sideways pulley so it transfers kinetic energy to the green garbage truck. That makes the garbage truck move with lots of kinetic energy forward and hit another set of dominos. The dominos then hits an ambulance, transferring its kinetic energy to the ambulance.

Energy Transfer 8: The ambulance rolls down a small ramp and hits a sideways seesaw. The sideways seesaw transfers its kinetic energy to a pipe cleaner, which moved and released the marble that has potential energy and converts to kinetic energy as it rolls down the ramps. Then, that marble hits the last set of dominos.

Energy Transfer 9: When the marble hits the domino, it transfers the kinetic energy down the line of dominos. The last domino hits and pushes a red firetruck down a ramp.

Energy Transfer 10: When the red firetruck rolls down the ramp, it also pulls a black foam piece which lets go of a metal marble. The metal marble rolls down a green ramp and falls into a blue dump truck. The metal marble transfers its kinetic energy to move the dump truck down a ramp and hit a pendulum. That pendulum then swings and transfers its kinetic energy to hit a water bottle. That water bottle falls over and finishes the task to water the plant.

  • Battery Powered Train with Train Tracks
  • Cardboard
  • Marbles (Metal and glass)
  • Dominos (Toys and wood)
  • Foam
  • Plastic Ramps
  • Marble Run Slides
  • Tape (Duct tape and packaging tape)
  • Bath tissue rolls
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Rulers
  • Pipes (Metal and plastic)
  • Wooden Rod
  • City toys (Cars, buildings, people, animals, nature, and signs)
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Wooden Construction Toy Pieces (Peg Strips and screws)
  • Wooden Jenga Pieces
  • Gift-Wrap Strings
  • Plastic Water bottle
  • Plant
  • Pipe Cleaner

5 thoughts on “The Bustling Energy Transfer City

  • Amazing! Well executed 👍🏻 Congratulations girls!

  • I love that you took a current problem and found a great solution. Great job!

  • Such a beautiful job, down to the presentation! The idea was great and your ability to execute it so well shows that your duo truly is energetic!

  • Well done with your ET machine theme, it does look like a city and cities definitely needs more greenery. And great job with the details as well.

  • This really looks like a bustling city! It looks like a lot of work went into it creation. Great job!


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