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The Button Pushers from Cape View Elementary

We are Jessie, Lexi, Jack, Sasha, and Luke. We are in the sixth grade at Cape View Elementary School in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Energy Transfer Machine – there are at at least six to seven energy transfers in our machine. The end task was to push the battery powered “EASY” button so it says “that was easy”. It wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be.
the first part of the ETM – Beebot starts the whole thing – he is battery operated and was coded to go forward.
This shows the ramps and pulley and dominoes. The middle level is where the machine starts and then the marble falls to the bottom level, which pulls a dominoe up by a pulley and hits a row of dominoes on the top level.
the dominoes fall over and hit the car which hits the marble and starts it down the orange ramp to the marble run
the marble run is a favorite part – lots of marbles going around and faling toward the bottom
the end the marbles drop down the tube and hit the “THAT WAS EASY” button which is battery operated. We started and ended the ETM with a battery powered object.

4 thoughts on “The Button Pushers from Cape View Elementary

  • I really like how Beebot was used! This definitely did not look easy and you all took a lot of time perfecting the machine. You all should feel very proud of your accomplishments!

  • Well done documenting the machine and explaining the steps. I liked how the end goal is opposite of how much work it took to make this work. My favorite part was how the pulley was used to activate the next step on the higher shelf.

    • Thank you! It took a lot of time to make sure the dominoe hit the other dominoes on the top level to start the energy transfer.


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