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Our Team

Hi, we’re the Cat Dragons! Our team consists of two people, Clara and Genevieve. Our team name was inspired by cats and dragon, because we both love cats and dragons. Our project was inspired by our love for cats, and the cat cafes here in Tallahassee. It was also inspired by dragons, which have played a great role in our lives because both of us have been drawing them since when we were young ( its how met each other!). We are both in 5th grade, and we go to Buck Lake Elementary School. We’ve been doing solar cars since 3rd grade, and we made it to state in 4th grade for innovation.

Our Team Photo

Our Solar Car

Our solar car is called the Dragon Rose Cat Café, a café where cats and people can relax and have fun. It has a floor splotched with different colors and brown pillars to support the solar panel. The wires are green, so when they are wrapped around the pillars they look like vines. We also have a cat bed with a pillow and a pod in which the cats have to go into during travel. This area is called “The Cozy Corner”. Our passenger is a drawn on ping-pong ball that looks like a calico cat named Moonspeck. The other side the car is an area where cats and dragons can relax and enjoy calming drinks, such as tea and coffee. Our solar car is 13 inches long, about 26 centimeters wide, and 17.5 centimeters tall. ( This is basically an estimate, because the wheels are not at the end of the chassis). If you look at the top of the solar car, you can see a cat toy which cats can play with when they’re bored. As well as the cat toy, there is a hanging bed where cats can sleep, and we have a corridor to the exit so cats can’t get out. Near the corridor is an opening where the Cozy Corner and the café area is divided. Our car also has a circular eyelet made out of a paper clip that was wrapped around a pencil, since we find these types of eyelets more efficient. The Dragon Rose Cat Café is a trailer meant to transport cats from a shelter to a designated location so that the people who paid for the experience can have the cats come to them. This increases the chance of the cats getting adopted, because people would rather go to a café than an animal shelter. You may wonder why our team deserves a place in design, and the reason(s) why is because we worked really hard on the design, architecture, and overall look of the inside area of the car.

Basic foundation Description

The basic foundation of the car has a corrugated plastic chassis with a solar panel held up with four paper pillars of the same height horizontally. The wheels are size medium, with a small-sized pulley. The wheels are held by tape on the axels (kebob sticks), and small-size length green wires. The eyelet is a paperclip that was wrapped around a pencil to make it circular.

Solar Car Aerial View

Solar Car Time Trials

Mass / WeightLengthWidthHeightSolar Panel DimensionsRear Wheel DiameterFront Wheel Diameter
332 g13 inches26 cm17.5 cm33 cm X 11.5 cm5 cm5 cm
Approximate measurements of the car (weight may not be exactly correct).
Battery Time TrialsMetersSecondsSpeedConditionsComments
Trial 18270.29 meterscloudy; sun peeking throughIt moved moderately fast; not too slow
Trial 28260.3 meterscloudyA bit faster than the last trial
Trial 38290.27cloudyGoes at a consistent speed even though it’s slow
(Battery time trials are often times faster that the solar panel time trials)
Solar Panel Time TrialsMetersSecondsSpeedConditionsComments
Trial 18290.27 metersrelatively sunnyMoved relatively moderate speed
Trial 28300.26 metersmostly sunny; a few cloudsMoved moderately fast; slower than battery average
Trial 38310.25 meterscloudy; sun out just enoughMoves slower with less sun

More Solar Car Photos (not all photos are exactly up-to-date)

Reflection & Bloopers

Unfortunately, when our teacher wasn’t here, we placed our boxes outside her door, and the janitors came and mistakenly threw all our hard work away. So, we sadly do not have a car to use in the competition. We spent a lot of hard work on the car, as well as money and our own items on it, and to see it all thrown away like it was nothing, felt horrible, and it definitely did not feel like a blooper. Over Easter weekend we added many items, such as a mini tea set, a corridor so cats can’t get out, café wall opening to keep cats out of the café area, a cat ceiling hammock, and a hanging cat toy. We would have needed the wall that separates the café from the cat area because of health code violations.

3 thoughts on “The Cat Dragons

  • What a cute idea! The girls actually worked on a new solar car to replace the one thrown away 🙂

  • I would have loved to see your car in action. I am so sorry it was thrown away! What an adorable idea – I’m glad you have all the pictures, at least!

  • Thank you for sharing this idea about a solar-powered cat transporter. I can see that a lot of thought went into the comfort and safety of the cat.


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