The Dinosaur Chachow

Columbia Elementary

Team Members: Kiley A. (5th), Lilliana B. (5th), Sierra B. (5th), Arianna E. (5th), and Shea S. (5th)

Design Documentation

Energy Transfer Steps:

  1. Car to ball
  2. Ball to book
  3. Book to ball
  4. Ball to ball
  5. Ball to button
  6. Chachow!

Battery Use

The buzzer in the last step is battery-operated.

End Step

The final step is a buzzer sound to announce the end. Chachow!

Car to ball
Ball to book. Book to ball.
Ball falls to ramp.
Ball to buzzer. Chachow!

Team Video

5 thoughts on “The Dinosaur Chachow

  • Well done, Columbia! You guys did a great job.

  • I appreciate the blueprint of your plan and the explanation in your video.

    Great work future engineers!


  • Great teamwork. Looks like you had fun learning about energy transfers.

  • I liked seeing your sketch and the excitement everyone had when the ETM finished.

  • Great project! Teams of 5 always allow for great teamwork. The transitions in the video were also great! The only thing to work on here would be increasing the length of the machine. Otherwise, great work!


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