Dragon’s Oven

Ocean Breeze Elementary 4th graders Evelyn and Marcella

These are the photos for when we were testing it.

We finally found out a name. The DRAGON’S OVEN

We made solar panels bigger, improved the insulation, added reflectors, made the solar panels be able to stand by themselves

We have also have found out what meal will be cooked in the Solar oven. we found the recipe online.

Cheddar and bacon soup for the main Meal. All chopped and assembled at home. Keto diet recipe

For our dessert we are doing keto rice crispy treats. One of the team is on a Keto Diet for medical reasons. We made sure she could eat our soup and dessert.

Our highest temperature with the oven was 160 degrees F

Second day of cooking, rice crispy treats! The day is sunny and warm. Outside temp is 80F, the inside temp is 150F at 11am. We keep turning the jars to get the heat moved around. We also laid the jars on their sides. It was really hot, so we had to use gloves to turn the rice krispy’s . it was 170F!

Dragon’s Oven Explained

HELP received: Mrs. Mentillo helped cut the plastic top. we did the rest.

Parts: Everything was in the classroom. cardboard box, insulation is foam. the silver things were being thrown out from the cafeteria.

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  • Such a great name for your solar oven. I really liked the comment in the video about your solar oven being so hot. Amazing what the sun can do.


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