The EarthCrawlers


Ocean Breeze ES

Piper H. 3rd Grade and Adric J. 3rd Grade

We used Google Search and University of Maine to find the facts that we put on our webpage.

We recycled a tub of Lutz cheese puffs to form our habitat, and got some dirt and twigs from outside to make the earthworms comfortable.

We got help from the gifted teacher, Mrs. Mentillo , who helped us by giving us our earthworms from her property.

Earthworms need soil, leaves, moisture, and a dark habitat to survive. We accomplished all four things in a simple yet efficient home for slow, yet graceful earthworms.

We painted our habitat black so not that much light comes in to the earthworm’s new home since they don’t like the light. That is what the outside will look like, a sturdy tub that is painted black. The inside is filled with soil, leaves, and a few sticks. If you dump it out you can find some earthworms slinking around. Be careful not to squish them! We put in a pear core while we were looking for earthworms. As a result, we think that it preformed well.

Earthworms love stuff like fruit but dislike spicy things. Please don’t feed them peppers! Our habitat has earthworms all shapes and sizes but we like them all the same. Our habitat is a great home for earthworms, any shape or size!

Worms can be slimy, but that’s because they are coated in dirt. They are kindhearted creatures, and they eat leaves and some small animals. Some people dislike earthworms, but that’s because it seems that they are are always wet. In reality, they actually like having wet skin so they coat themselves in water.

We would like to raise earthworms because they are very interesting and kindhearted creatures

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One thought on “The EarthCrawlers

  • Great job! Earthworms seemed to me at first to be an unusual choice for an animal to make a home for, but after watching your videos and reading your page, I get it!


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