THE GOOFY GOOBERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are Shreks

junior solar sprint ( JSS )

names: Nicholas, Cale, Henry, Liam, Weston and Miles. Weston( with the USSSA jersey) and Cale (the curly-haired guy up front) worked on the energy whiz website, Henry(tall guy with soccer jersey), Miles(with the glasses), Liam( other tall guy on the otherside), Nicholas (the one not smiling with wide open eyes) worked on the car.

Our theme was shrek as you can probably tell..

The materials we used were rubber bands, gears, wood, sandpaper, batteries, a motor, wheels, wires, solar panel, paint, ping-pong ball, cup. and tape.

The challenges we faced were one. in the beginning we spent to much time on drawing and doodling we fixed this problem by working hard every time after that. two, when we practiced the car with the batteries, it curved to much we fixed this problem by adjusting the batteries. three. we had trouble with making something to keep the ping-pong ball onto the car, we fixed this problem by cutting a cup, gluing a popsicle stick onto the car.

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