The Quackmobile

Team Members: Ollie and Brooks, 3rd grade

We are The Ducks. Our vehicle is The Quackmobile.

Our innovations…

Our duck was innovative because, well, not many people would think “Hey, lets put a duck on our solar car.”

Dimensions: 20cm high, 15cm wide, 30cm long

Our design…

Our duck was a good idea for design because the duck will show that we have speed and design. Our car will fly as fast as a duck! Our velcro on our red cup is good for design- have you seen a color combonation better thean red and black? I know i haven’t!

Back of Quackmobile

One problem we had was our car wouldn’t go straight. We started our car facing a small bit to the side to make it even out. Another problem we had was only one back wheel would spin. We fixed that by taping both back wheels to the axle.

To make the car go we had to :

  • put the solar panel on top to catch the suns rays
  • use cords to connect the solar panel to the generator
  • attach a rubberband to a wheel to make the wheels all move
  • attach both back wheels to the kabob stick (our axle)
  • put our car under the sun

22 thoughts on “The Quackmobile

  • I really like the duck on the back it looks alot like a fan mascot and the drawings great

  • The mighty ducks! Great job, and loved your videos. They quacked me up!
    Thanks for sharing how you dreamed up you team name and designed your car. Congratulations and good luck!

  • Nice job building the car, it runs really well. I like the kabobs sticking out from the edges, they look like a self defense system. Good job using the velcro to make adjusting the panel easier.

  • Great job, Ollie and Brooks!
    Wallace Knight
    LCS Science Developer

  • I like the Velcro also the duck is kind of silly

  • I love the velcro idea its pretty smart!

  • That is so funny! I love the duck!

  • Love the duck! I like the velcro it’s a great idea! Awesome job!

  • i love the name! great design brooks and ollie


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