The Solar Cookers

Please watch our video! The link is here.

This is how we built the oven. Please watch. The link is here.

Solar cooking is cooking with the sun! We made four different ovens. We decided what we wanted to use to make our oven. Then we researched types of insulation. We used torn up newspaper. We stuffed it between the 2 boxes.

Our design idea:

We wanted to see how hot our oven would get and what it could melt. we tried powdered sugar, regular sugar, brown sugar, marshmallows, chocolate chips and american cheese.

the oven got to 157 degrees! It melted the cheese bag and the cheese. the regular sugar and powdered sugar did not melt. the brown sugar got stiff. The marshmallows melted well and the chocolate chips too.

We made up our recipes.

Drizzled Donut Pieces (cake doughnuts, chocolate chips, marshmallows and caramels with pineapple pieces)

3 cheese Mac and Cheese (macaroni, American cheese, parmesan cheese and cheddar cheese, butter, milk and cut up already cooked baby sausages)

We crumpled up the donuts. Then, we cut up the Carmel into small pieces. Added them. Then, we added some mini marshmallows. then, some chocolate chips and pineapple pieces. We covered the dish with plastic wrap. (recipe below)

We emptied the bag of pasta into a bowl. Then, we added the cheeses. Then, we added some butter. Then, we added milk. We cut up baby sausages and added them to. We stirred it up and put into glass dish. Then, we covered it with plastic wrap. (recipe below)

We cooked it until after recess for 2 hours. everything melted!

Our recipes

4 thoughts on “The Solar Cookers

  • That was a lot of hard work and determination. It sounds like the fact that everything melted, that means the solar cooker did its job! Great team work.

  • Great job using a series of cookers to see how well they each performed. Also, your control of the amount of each type of ingredient was very smart. With what you learned you should be able to make an awesome solar cooker next year.

  • I loved that you all worked so well as a team. Your research is impressive and I liked that you tried so many different foods and recipes. Great effort ! I tried building one as a kid and I was no where close. This is awesome!

  • I love that you tried out four different solar ovens to see which worked the best. I enjoyed your video describing the parts of your oven and how you made them. You were very smart to try out your solar oven with several different foods to see how it worked and then coming up with recipes that would work with your oven. And everyone loves chocolate and marshmallows!


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