The Solar Jungle

Our team includes two people, me (Margaret), and Amzi. Amzi is confident, intelligent, and creative. I am cat-loving, artistic, and flexible.

We named our team THE solar jungle because we thought it was funny that we were using “alligator” clips so we made a river and a jungle to go with it.

That’s us!!

When we made our name (THE solar jungle) I made a picture of a “sun tree” with a lake and a aligator. when I cut it out, it was a perfect fit!


this is a picture of me and Amzi with our solar car . this was about the time that our car was still able to run on grass. Beacuase it could go on grass, we

wanted to call it the “grass runner” but “THE solar jungle” overruled it.

A funny thing was that when we were writing this, we were wearing the exact same clothes as in the picture!!!


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