The Sun Flares!


We’re the Sun Flares! While designing our solar car we had an idea that struck us like lightning! The Greek god, Apollo, the god of the Sun, Healer of wounds, the Musical genius from ancient Greek Myth! He would be perfect for our Solar Car’s branding. We devoted our car’s design to him because what better idea than our solar car to be tied to the god of the sun himself! We the Sun Flares, inspired by Apollo the Sun god are coming to out speed our competition!

Team Members

  • Esme 7th
  • Abigail 7th
  • Zellen 6th
  • Amari 6th

The vehicle

Window Side
Back View
Top View

Rear View
Top View

Design Drawings

These are photos of our solar car completely finished and what we really liked about it. the sun on our car is the sign of Apollo we put that’s on there because Apollo in Greek mythology is the god of the sun, we chose Apollo because our school’s name is Apollo and we wanted to have the theme of solar energy throughout the whole car.


These are our original designs for our car. We originally wanted to do a design like a tank,but as time passed our design changed.

Car Dimensions

Weight: 233.2 Grams

Gear Ratio: GEAR 1 40-tooth 1/8 bore to a GEAR G 20-tooth 2 mm bore

Wheel Size: 3.9 cm – rear wheels and 3.4 cm – front wheels

Car Dimensions

  • Length: 10 1/2 in
  • Width: 4 in
  • Height: Back- 3 1/2 in, Front- 1/2 in


  • Balsa Wood
  • 4 wheels
  • Solar Panel
  • Motor
  • Clear Film (Recycled)
  • Motor Mount
  • Alligator Clips

Vehicle Performance


All trials were conducted at 10 meters.

  • Trial 1: 5.22 seconds
  • Trial 2: 5.15 seconds
  • Trial 3: 5.72 seconds
  • Trial 4: 6.04 seconds
  • Trial 5: 6.18 seconds

Best Run: 4.69 seconds (Video)

Team Explanation

This is our car explanation. With Abigail Explaining Esme recording.1

One thought on “The Sun Flares!

  • I like your theme and the windows which is a really clever idea!


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