Trinity & Luis Energy Transfer Machine

In our Energy Transfer Machine, we put together multiple steps to complete the final project, turning on the bedroom light.

The project starts with a tennis ball being rolled down a PVC pipe, and onto a plank of wood which knocks down the dominoes and hits a string which pulls down a second plank of wood. The wood lets loose a spinning exercise equipment piece, knocking down a tennis ball that rolls down the ramp ahead. It kicks over a ruler, which pulls up the cardboard covering the 9-volt battery powered car. The car rolls down the ramp and knocks the can of food into a bucket tied to the light switch, and turns on the light.

For materials, we gathered dominoes, tape, a 9volt battery (water bottle, fan, wheels), wood, paper, wire, basket, tennis ball, and PVC pipe. We built the car with a kit off of Amazon, attaching the wheels, fan, and battery onto the plastic water bottle.

Screenshot of the 9-volt battery powered car.

Team Members:

-Trinity (grade 9)

-Luisfelipe (grade 9)


Trinity’s parents


4 thoughts on “Trinity & Luis Energy Transfer Machine

  • Wow, a whole house ETM! That was really impressive. I liked your use of recycles materials and how many transfers there were. Great job!

  • Loved the road theme and the road closed sign that lifted so the car could drive through. Very creative use of vent tubing to get the ball from one room to the next!

  • Good Job you two!!!!

  • WOW! That is the largest ETM I’ve ever seen! I loved the noise the ball made rolling down the first tube, it was like special sound effects from a Star Wars movie. Very creative and inventive overall. The use of the car was an excellent use of the battery, and the attention to detail was clear in your painting of the “street” and creating the street signs. Great job!


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