Turtle Cottage

West Creek STEM Club

West Creek Elementary School

Valeria T. (5th grade), Nathalia J. (5th grade), Sahasra G. (5th grade), Ariel Z. (4th grade), and Aadhirai D. (4th grade)

We designed our cottage for a turtle!

The teachers that helped on our team’s critter comfort cottage were: Ms. Shutt, Mrs. Bretz, and Ms. Nankissore. Ms. Shutt gave us paint to use on the project. Mrs. Bretz helped us put Ceram Wrap on the project’s roof so if it gets wet, the cardboard roof won’t get soggy. Then, Ms. Nankissore helped us put the velcro non sticky piece on the cardboard. Then, she hot glued the non-sticky piece to the cardboard bendable flap. After, we were able to stick the two openable flaps together.

Our final home for the turtle

Critter Comfort Cottage

Materials & Items We Used : 



Fake leaves,

Fake grass,

Poster Board,

Plastic wrap,



Pipe Cleaners,

Non Toxic Glue,


Fake Flowers,

Non Toxic Paints,


Flower Tape,


Green Floral Tape,

Flower Origami Paper,

Streamer Paper,

Construction Paper,


Zip lock bag, and a

Lunch tray.

Please see the video above! Enjoy!

Need the perfect home for your turtle? Then 
     Try this one! It’s the dream of any turtle
If your Turtle was in this home it could be living the life! 
 This Critter’s Cottage is Awesome!
    It comes with it’s own little bed and it’s own Pool! Of course, all materials are recyclable, reusable, and  turtle safe! Your turtle could live the dream!  
                         Take your turtle to paradise in this amazing critter home!
The Turtle home is made of:
    Tape, cardboard, fake leaves, fake grass, poster board, plastic wrap, felt, dirt, pipe cleaners, non toxic glue, velcro, fake flowers, non toxic paints, paper, flower tape, cotton, green floral tape, flower, origami paper, and streamer paper.

Our marketing brochure!

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  • I love turtles and I think they would love living in your habitat! Good Job!


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