–Wellington WALL-Es–

—Wellington Landings Middle School—



Our Team!!!

From left- Avery B. 7th grade, J’hase P. 7th grade, Jake B. 7th grade, Jack W. 7th grade.

Design Progress

We started with a basic box build and used our research from last year. There were two possible designs we decided on a slanted, insulated build with a door. This is our design progress so far. We got the idea of the cooker because

Top temperature- 250 Fahrenheit, 12:34, and sunny with low cloud cover.

Materials- Two reused boxes, recycled paper, black tape, foil, reused foam from a surfboard, a metal plate from a past cooker, and plexiglass.


WALL-E was chosen as our theme and inspiration because the movie shows humans’ environmental impact. WALL-E has to survive on the ruined Earth. His only job was to clean the mountains of garbage that were the leftovers of humanity. This movie shows the consequences of not valuing our planet and pollution.


Last year we competed in the cook-off with the other team from our school. We placed third in the virtual competition and, the other team from Landings got third in culinary for the in-person competition.


—Rainy Day Menu—

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