Windmill Workers

Landon (4th grade), Maddy (4th grade)

We did windmills as a wind power promoter because wind is a renewable energy. Another reason is because wind energy has few affects on the environment. Another reason is that it creates electricity, which results in less air pollution. Taller windmills and longer get more air. The taller they are the more wind speed it gets.

Our Windmill

Our windmills actually worked! Watch the video here

This is why we choose to build windmills.

Our teacher helped us with the box cutter

3 thoughts on “Windmill Workers

  • Great job researching, designing and building several types of wind machines. Very nice artwork, which is important because many times people oppose renewable energy systems because of what they look like. Great to see your windmills were not just an artistic rendering but they also worked! Congrats on a job well done as a team.

  • Very cool project, it looks like it provides lots of opportunities for hands on testing of different sizes and blade types. Good job on linking to the research you used!

  • I really like that you linked to the research that you did (this is very important in science!). Nice artistic touches on your windmills too!


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