Windy Art Farm 🐔🌬👨‍🌾

Team member: Adam (K)

My main idea was to create a farm with many animals and a farmer. I liked this idea because windmills used to be on farms and are an excellent wind energy source.


I gathered all the needed materials to create my energy-inspired art using recycled materials.

Here’s the list:

  • Plastic cup with beans inside to make weight as the base.
  • White beans for making weight on the cup so the bowl won’t fall
  • Popsicle sticks to hold the rainbow.
  • Styrofoam bowl over the cup to simulate the planet earth and, on top, create the farm.
  • Paint
  • Little Animals
  • Crayons to color the rainbow
  • Paper to make the rainbow 
  • Glue 
  • Hot glue
  • Carton for the structure of the windmill base. 
  • Gorilla tape to hold the carton 
  • DC motor to make the windmill move
  • AA batteries 
  • Plastic vane 
  • Dried grass to decorate. 

Description and Process

First, I filled a plastic cup with beans to create weight as the base. Then, I added white beans to the cup to ensure the bowl wouldn’t fall.

Next, I used popsicle sticks to hold up the rainbow, which I created by coloring a paper rainbow with crayons. I attached the rainbow to the sticks with glue.

I used a styrofoam bowl to simulate the planet earth and placed it on top of the cup. I then created a farm on the bowl using paint and little animals.

To create the windmill, I used a carton to create the structure of the windmill base. I used gorilla tape to hold the carton in place.

My mom helped me create a circuit using a DC motor and batteries so I could make the windmill move. I used AA batteries to power it. Also, I added a plastic vane that I painted to the windmill. I use white for the windmill base and vane.

I added the animals, the farmer, and the dried grass to decorate the farm and windmill. Also, I added a small sign that says “MOO” for the cow and some beans as chicken eggs.

The result was a beautiful energy-inspired art piece that showcases the importance of wind energy in a fun and creative way, using recycled materials.

Final Video

19 thoughts on “Windy Art Farm 🐔🌬👨‍🌾

  • Its very pretty its super cool

  • That was very creative, doing a windmill. I never would have thought of that! You did great. -Garrett

  • A wonderful representation of where a windmill is used. A farm could use a windmill for electricity generation and pumping water for irrigation. Great job!

  • Omg! You did an amazing job! I love how you were able to work on this project at such a young age. You are a brilliant boy! We are so proud of you! Keep working hard.

  • I love all the photos documenting the building of your project. it gives us a good idea of all the steps involved in creating it.

  • Que maravillosa idea Adam. Eres un niño muy ingenioso y creativo. Explicas muy bien tu idea y se nota que trabajaste con entusiasmo en la elaboración del proyecto. Estamos muy orgullosos de ti.

  • Good job Adam!!! que Feliz me hace sentir que mi hija Elianah está en el mismo salón de este brillante estudiante!!! Good job!!! Elianah se puso feliz de ver tu vídeo!!! God Blessyou!!!

  • Another awesome project Adam! I love how you incorporated what you learned about farms and the technology that is used today as an energy source. I bet there are many farmers who use windmills to help pump water to water crops and feed the animals. I love this 3D replica of a farm. This was a great idea! Well done Adam!

  • Amazing job, Adam! I love how you handcrafted your globe!

  • Great job! It was so cool of a project.

  • Great Job Adam! You are so creative.

  • I am not sure which is my favorite part. Maybe the ‘Moo’? Or is it the grass/crops? Or the windmill? I think it is all of it. This is an attractive product and shows the windmill but also gives everyone a glimpse of where you might find a windmill and how it could be used on a farm. Could the farmer use the windmill to get water for his crops and animals? How do you think that would work?

  • Oh my God, Incredible… Very good use of materials and the result is spectacular…. Congratulations

  • Wow I love it!
    Very well explained, I enjoy the whole video!

  • Super cool!!!
    Awesome idea!

  • This project is beautiful! My favorite element was the windmill! This is awesome! Congratulations, Adam!

  • Wow! What a beautiful art piece! I love the concept and the way you work on it. You have a bright future Adam! Well done! 👏🏻

  • Oh my! That is amazing 🤩 it has so many details, and the technology is so simple but also so creative.


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