Team: Thomas Y and Kellin M

School: Orlando Science School


  • 10/26 drew the shape of the chassis and traced the shape onto the balsa wood. Time spent: 40 minutes by Kellin and Thomas.
  • 11/2 cut out the shape of the chassis and we cut the wheels from a sheet of carbon fiber. Time spent: 40 minutes Kellin and Thomas 1 obstacle we had was the wheels needed to be sanded down to make them more rounded.
  • 11/9 painted and decorated the chassis. Approximately 2 days for the paint and decorations to dry by Kellin
  • 11/16 hot glued wheels to the body and cut a larger space to fit the gears. Time spent: 30 minutes by Kellin and Thomas
  • 11/30 put on the mount for the solar panel and the solar panel. Time spent: 30 minutes by Kellin
  • 12/1 tested the car and it worked. Time spent: 20 minutes by Kellin and Thomas

  • MATERIALS: pitsco motor, pitsco solar panel, pitsco front wheels, pitsco battery pack, pitsco gears, balsam wood body, orange spray paint, blue acrylic spray paint, craft lightning bolts.

TEST RUN 15.24 meters in 19 seconds in low sun condition https://youtu.be/qZRsO1QrjTc

  • w=5 1/2 INCHES c=12 INCHES h=5 1/2 INCHES

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