1.Acrostic Poems with Art

Paige I. (3) and Angelina L. (3)


Our Acrostic Poems + Art

Wind Energy

Wind is free like an uncaged bird.

In most places, wild wind isn’t always blowing, and sometimes, as still as a rock.

Not everyone likes the turbines that look like big pieces of trash in the sky.

Doesn’t produce the dangerous toxin, CO2.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is as clean as the water you drink.

Oh, it doesn’t directly make a dangerous toxin, like coal burning in a factory.

Lots of land is needed though, hundreds of acres are needed you know.

A solar panel is as expensive as a mansion, and some

Regions don’t get a lot of sunlight, and are as black as night.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is constant and reliable like water is.

Earthquakes can be caused by the pumping. BAM! Goes the earthquake.

Oh, it doesn’t produce a lot of CO2.

Hydro Power

Hydro power produces no direct CO2, the dangerous toxin.

You can use the free water to make energy as clean as you after your shower.

Dams are as expensive as mansions are, and not a

Reliable source of energy during a long drought.

Over a long, long time, dams can become less useful.

Nuclear Energy

Nearly greenhouse gas free of CO2. “It can harm me”, says all the animals.

Uranium used in a nuclear reactor is carefully trapped and contained so no radiation escapes.

Can harm all animals in super extreme ways.

Less than one square inch long of uranium can produce as much as a ton of coal.

Expensive to buy that people might not have enough money to buy uranium.

Amount is produced constantly when chain reaction is carefully controlled.

Replaced reactor over a while time. “I need to be replaced a lot of times”, says a reactor.

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  • I really enjoyed your poems! They are interesting to read, contain quick facts, and show awesome of creativity.


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