Car/team name: cloudie

School name: Cornerstone Learning Comunity

First names and last initial: Tucker C, Kalliope F, and Kaia H

Grade level: we are all in 6th

1) Photo & Basic Info
• Car/team name
• School name
• First names(s) and last initial of students on the team (no last names on the public page)
• Grade level of each team member
• Close up photo of completed vehicle (use this as the featured image on your page)
2) Design Documentation
• Photos – a minimum of six (6) photos of the completed car showing front, back, both
sides, underside and top. Close-ups of special vehicle features may also be included and
will help the judges understand the thought and effort that went into the vehicle’s design
and construction.
• Design drawings – (minimum of 2) that include measurements and dimensions.
• Finished car specifications that include: car size, weight, wheel size, gear ratio, and a
list of the components used including the cost of each. Recycled and reused components
should be included and listed as such.
NOTE: Although it is expected that each team will document their design process through
notes, drawings and other means, those are not required to be posted to the team’s web page.
However, teams may wish to include them on their page to favorably impress the judges, and
further documentation may be requested if needed for clarification purposes.
3) Vehicle Features Video:
Once your vehicle is built, record a video that describes your vehicle’s special features. One
team member should hold the vehicle while that team member or other members describe and
explain the following (maximum length 5 minutes):
• features of the vehicle that make it special and you believe make it a winner – the person
holding the vehicle should point them out. Close-ups of these features are a must.
Remember, the judges need to see them!
• any unexpected outcome or discovery made by any team member as a result of the
engineering, design and building process
• how the vehicle performed when you ran it in the sunlight
• anything else you want the judges to know about your vehicle or your team.
The video will be included on your project web page and hosted on our Vimeo site.
4) Vehicle Performance Video
Provide a link to a video (hosted on another site such as vimeo or youtube) that shows your
vehicle running under the power of the sun.
• Use a starting point (i.e. uncovering the solar panel which starts the car’s movement) and
an end point (i.e. a team member or team designee waiting at the end to catch the car) that
are at least 10 meters (.30 feet) apart.
• Prior to the start, one of the team members should state the date, the time of day,
and the general weather conditions (sunny, partly cloudy, etc.). When ready, someone
should clearly announce, “On your mark; Get set; Go!”
• The vehicle should move under the power of the sun only, with all wheels making contact
with the flat surface. No pushing the vehicle and no lifting the wheels to get them
spinning prior to the start.
• The video should show the car moving from start to finish without any editing to the
These are the minimum requirements for the web page. However, teams are encouraged to use the
judging criteria as a guide to what extras they may want to include in their web page. For example, the
web page may include:
• extra photos of the design, building and testing process
• project log – entries made on workdays documenting the engineering process
• test results (include weather for sun-fueled tests)
• any items that the team feels will showcase their car, or be helpful to the judges to pick
them as the winning team!

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