Construction Crew

Team Members: Abigail, 4th grade, and Brinley, 4th grade

Coach Mrs. Howard

Construction Crew Stages 1-6

Students met weekly over a period of 3 weeks. The journey was very bumpy as the students and the coach implemented the engineering and design process. Every failure led to adjustments and multiple trials. Just as we were ready to hang it up and submit next year, we had one good run. Voilà, here is our final and successful attempt.

5 thoughts on “Construction Crew

  • I’m so glad you were able to get the ETM to work as you intended and enjoyed hearing your joyous screams at the end of the video! That was a very complex series of transfers and I love watching each step of the process. Congratulations, and great persistence and team work!

  • Nice work, I loved the names given to everything. I would have liked to known how they get their names. Good job on sticking to it and getting your working run.

    • Thank you for your positive comment. Fred got his name because it was alliteration, “Fred’s Fan!” We had the best time. We enjoyed naming the characters. We had fun doing the different trials. The dominoes were sometimes very annoying but, after all, we had the best time!

  • This is a blast! Your enthusiasm is infectious and I had so much fun watching the video. The theme and selection of material for your project is wonderful. Great video presentation. Perhaps, only one of the teams to state the number of energy transfers used in the project; brilliant! You’ve shown good understanding of the scientific method; an arduous process filled with failures before success. Your struggles to overcome the failures in your project attest to your dedication. Good luck in your scientific inquiry and keep up the great job!

    • Thank you for your positive comment. We enjoyed the experience of making our ET machine. Thank you for teaching us new vocabulary, “arduous!” Thank you again!


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