Courageous Cars

Myra F. & Brendan D., Grade 4, Cape View Elementary

Hello, we made an energy transfer machine. It was so hard but we did not stop. We started on the wall and made it go down to the floor. The electric part is when the car pulled the pin and made the black swing to hit the marble to start it down the ramp. It goes down the ramp and into the garage where it goes back and forth. Then a marble went down the ramp we made out of dominos and tape. Finally the marble ran down a tube and knoced over the last dominos.

Myra and Brendan – Courageous Cars ETM

3 thoughts on “Courageous Cars

  • That is satisfying to watch! Great work in using cardboard box

  • I love the angles in the garage! Great job!

  • Good use of a cork board!


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